Introducing the beautifully renovated Rumbach Street Synagogue

2023. Február 07. / 13:36

Introducing the beautifully renovated Rumbach Street Synagogue

The Rumbach-street synagogue, constructed according to the plans of Austrian architect Otto Wagner and inaugurated in 1874, like many other synagogues of the time, was built in the so-called Moorish style, resembling oriental architecture. 

The synagogue was commissioned by the modernizing Pest Neologue community, yet internal space arrangement follows traditional liturgy. Thanks to the state-of-the-art, iron-framed construction technique of the era, the Rumbach Synagogue is a modern, light, airy structure.

The building was used by the community for religious purposes until World War II. As the darkest chapter of its history, the Hungarian authorities turned it into an internment camp in 1941: it was here that Jews without Hungarian citizenship were gathered before their deportation. In 1944 the building became part of the Pest ghetto. The remaining community and thus religious activities completely disappeared by the end of the 1950s. Following decades of neglect and decay, the synagogue underwent complete renovation and restoration and opened in 2021. Today, the building not only functions as a community space hosting concerts, theatrical performances, events, and as an external exhibition space of the Jewish Museum and Archives, but the synagogue also is an active place of worship. There is a kosher cafe in the building. Men must have their head covered inside the synagogue area.

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