Mazsihisz: Leaders
of Israel cannot be conflated with terrorists

2024. Május 22. / 14:30

Mazsihisz: Leaders of Israel cannot be conflated with terrorists

It is unprecedented in recent history that the Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court in The Hague has requested an arrest warrant for the Prime Minister and Defence Minister of Israel. This step by the Prosecutor General is an outrageous act of cynicism, since, in addition to the two Israeli leaders, warrants are being sought for the arrest of three Hamas terrorists. 

The Federation of Jewish Communities in Hungary (Mazsihisz) says that an arrest warrant issued against politicians defending their homeland is not an option, and that Israel's democratic leaders must not be confused with murderous terrorists.

In the view of the Mazsihisz, it is scandalous that this could happen in the civilised world. It is feared that the decision of the Prosecutor General of The Hague will only further fuel anti-Semitic rallies across Europe and the world, masked as pro-Palestinian activism and wrapped in criticism of the State of Israel.

We can only imagine only one possible outcome to this case: the Attorney General of The Hague should reverse his decision and bring terrorists to justice with the force of law instead of political leaders who put the security of their homeland first.

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