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Mazsihisz hírek / 2024. Január 31. / 11:37

Dr. Andor Grósz: We must not only remember, we must also look ahead

“Those who were killed during the Holocaust died as martyrs because they were Jews, so we must not only remember, but also to look forward and walk with open eyes so that what happened to them cannot happen again, said Dr. Andor Grósz, president of Mazsihisz at the Holocaust commemoration in Nagykanizsa on 28 January.

Mazsihisz hírek / 2024. Január 26. / 11:12

September 11 – October 7

The two dates will be deeply engraved in the memories even of our descendants. The two dates are days of mourning for all of us living in democratic states, both times the barbarians attacked our free, peaceful, constructive world. Both occasions were days of brutal and inhumane attacks against innocent civilians.