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A mural to preserve the memory of the martyred poet Hanna Szenes

Hanna Szenes was born into an assimilated Jewish family in Budapest on July 17, 1921, with the name Anikó Szenes. Her father, Béla Szenes, was a journalist, stage writer, and translator. Anikó studied at the Baár-Madas reformed high school for girls, already writing poems and displaying her talent in literature.

The resilience of Jewish communities must be strengthened

Sofia, Bulgaria - As anti-Semitism continues to rise worldwide following the October 7 terrorist attack by Hamas, the theme of the World Jewish Congress (WJC) National Community Directors' Forum was to share experiences and to outline next steps. Hungary was represented by dr. Péter Kunos, managing director of Mazsihisz-BZSH, and Dóra Bálint, head of foreign relations at Mazsihisz.

Israel Katz: "It is a Great Joy that after October 7, the Hungarian Jewish Denominations United"

The support of Hungarian Jewry and the Hungarian government is very important to us, stated Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz on an official visit to Budapest on 17 June. He had talks with Minister of Foreign Affairs Péter Szijjártó and discussions with the representatives of the Hungarian Jewish denominations.

Dr. Andor Grósz: All Hungarians alive today are responsible for ensuring that the atrocities never happen again, under any circumstances…

„After 80 years, the perpetrators of the mass murders are no longer here, and no Hungarian alive today is responsible for the actions of their ancestors. But all Hungarians alive today are responsible for ensuring that the atrocities never happen again, under any circumstances.

Chief Rabbi Péter Kardos: "Daddy, Imagine, I Am Standing Here in the Parliament..."

“Imagine, I am standing here in the Parliament and in my speech, I am recalling what happened then. In the Parliament, in which the Jewish laws were born, with a kippah on my head. Which meant that you, the one I loved the most, were legally murdered” said Chief Rabbi Péter Kardos, a Holocaust survivor, in the Upper House of the Parliament on April 16. Below is the full text of the speech.