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ENGLISH / 2024. Június 20. / 12:04

Israel Katz: "It is a Great Joy that after October 7, the Hungarian Jewish Denominations United"

The support of Hungarian Jewry and the Hungarian government is very important to us, stated Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz on an official visit to Budapest on 17 June. He had talks with Minister of Foreign Affairs Péter Szijjártó and discussions with the representatives of the Hungarian Jewish denominations.

ENGLISH / 2024. Május 02. / 15:19

Dr. Andor Grósz: All Hungarians alive today are responsible for ensuring that the atrocities never happen again, under any circumstances…

„After 80 years, the perpetrators of the mass murders are no longer here, and no Hungarian alive today is responsible for the actions of their ancestors. But all Hungarians alive today are responsible for ensuring that the atrocities never happen again, under any circumstances.

ENGLISH / 2024. Április 26. / 14:48

Chief Rabbi Péter Kardos: "Daddy, Imagine, I Am Standing Here in the Parliament..."

“Imagine, I am standing here in the Parliament and in my speech, I am recalling what happened then. In the Parliament, in which the Jewish laws were born, with a kippah on my head. Which meant that you, the one I loved the most, were legally murdered” said Chief Rabbi Péter Kardos, a Holocaust survivor, in the Upper House of the Parliament on April 16. Below is the full text of the speech.

Kultúra / 2024. Április 26. / 14:34

Visual Indictment: Exhibition of the Jewish Museum Opened in the National Gallery

Sharp phantom image and even sharper phantom pain - this is how the exhibition “This is How it Happened. The Early Memory of the Holocaust in the Works of Eyewitness Artists” of the Hungarian Jewish Museum and Archives at the Hungarian National Gallery can be summed up in a nutshell.

Mazsihisz hírek / 2024. Március 01. / 12:15

Andor Grósz, president of Mazsihisz, conveyed the solidarity of Hungarian Jews during his meetings in Israel

Andor Grósz, president of the Federation of Hungarian Jewish Communities (Mazsihisz), expressed the solidarity of Hungarian Jews during the negotiations with Israel's leading politicians in Jerusalem this week.

Mazsihisz hírek / 2024. Február 27. / 13:37

The president of Mazsihisz discussed with the politicians in the Knesset

Dr. Andor Grósz, the president of Mazsihisz on official visit to the Jewish State until Friday this week had meetings in Jerusalem on Monday. The main purpose of his visit is to express the sympathy of Hungarian Jewry for the victims of the massacre on October 7, and to broaden and deepen the presence of Mazsihisz in Israeli domestic politics.

Hírek, lapszemle / 2024. Február 26. / 10:27

"Jews, Hungarians, Poles, Armenians, communists - they gave their lives for our country"

On the eightieth anniversary of their execution, for the first time foreigners were symbolically reburied to the final resting place of the greats of French history, in the Panthénon in Paris. Among them are three fighters of Hungarian Jewish origin: Imre Békés Glasz, József Boczor and Tamás Elek.

Hírek, lapszemle / 2024. Február 26. / 10:20

Football EC 2024: Israel will be the Hungarian national team's preparation opponent

The Hungarian national team will play its last preparation match before the summer European football championship against Israel, instead of Malta, as planned originally.

Kultúra / 2024. Február 19. / 10:28

As of this Thursday, Hungarian cinemas are showing the film All About the Levkoviches

From Thursday, Hungarian cinemas screen Ádám Breier's first feature film All About the Levkoviches, starring Tamás Szabó Kimmel and Zoltán Bezerédi.

A zsidóságról / 2024. Február 09. / 14:16

On the eve of Adar, we wish you a good month!

According to some explanations, the name of the month of Adar comes from the Akkadian word "ádáru" (cloudy, gloomy). But according to a much more beautiful explanation Adar comes from the Hebrew word "adir" (big, mighty), because great and mighty miracles happened to our people during this period. Either way, if Adar is here, we will soon be eating festive fish, and Purim is also coming!