2008. Július 29. / 13:12

About Mazsihisz

The Federation of Hungarian Jewish Communities (MAZSIHISZ) – one of the four big historical church – is the representative organ of the local Jewry. Its highest level is the council, with 121 members from all around the Hungarian synagogues, and the rabbis. Every four year they are electing the president, the managing director and the board of governors.

outside of Budapest 
2008. Július 16. / 17:10

Synagogues outside of Budapest 

Our Rabbis
Istvan Darvas
2021. Március 18. / 15:40

Istvan Darvas

Zsidó sajtó
Pesti Sólet
2019. Január 10. / 10:53

Pesti Sólet

Mazsihisz hírek
Community crisis line
2022. Március 02. / 15:35

Community crisis line