As of this Thursday, Hungarian cinemas are showing the film All About the Levkoviches

2024. Február 19. / 10:28

As of this Thursday, Hungarian cinemas are showing the film All About the Levkoviches

From Thursday, Hungarian cinemas screen Ádám Breier's first feature film All About the Levkoviches, starring Tamás Szabó Kimmel and Zoltán Bezerédi.

Ádám Breier's first feature film made in the Incubator Program of the National Film Institute talks with a lot of humor about generational differences and forgiveness.

In the story of the bittersweet dramedy, the relationship between Tamás Lefkovics, the big-hearted but stubborn boxing trainer (Zoltán Bezerédi), and his son Iván (Tamás Szabó Kimmel) have deteriorated so much that they have not spoken to each other for years. Iván fled to Israel from the conflict with his father, lives as an Orthodox Jew and started a family there. In Budapest, he only keeps in touch with his mother (Ágnes Máhr). When the mother dies unexpectedly, Iván returns home with his six-year-old son (Leo Gagel) to spend a week of mourning and shiva in the parental home, according to Jewish traditions. Through the two men, two worlds strain against each other, the stake of which is the reunification of the family.

Ádám Breier wrote the film's script together with co-writer Bálint Csaba. Breier has previously made short films and documentaries, including Havana, only there (2016) and The Baron Returns (2018).

The cameraman of All About the Levkoviches was Zoltán Dévényi, who created a visual world for the film that matches the absurdity of the story. It was edited by Balázs Gotthárdi.

The All About the Levkoviches debuted in the competition program of the Palm Springs International Film Festival, and it has been also featured at the Miami and New York Jewish Film Festivals. (MTI)

Cover photo: Zolátn Bezerédi and Tamás Szabó Kimmel / Source: Mozinet

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